Field Trips

NACE Field Trips

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Please join one of these exciting tours to some of the area’s best known aquaculture research and production facilities. All tours will leave from and return to the Boston Park Plaza Hotel conference site. Registration for each trip will be limited, and on a first come basis. If you have already registered for the meeting, you can re-register just for the field trip. These tours are highly subsidized by the NACE! For details and questions, contact Chris Davis.

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A Tour of Aquaculture Research at Woods Hole: A day long tour visiting 3 different research facilities at Woods Hole. Hosted by Aquaculture Research Specialist Scott Lindell, the field trip will begin with a tour of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI). This will include a visit to the “DunkWorks” an Advanced Maker Space, a “Show & Tell” with the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Group at the WHOI Center for Marine Robotics, a “Show & Tell” of the Lindell Lab, and a quick visit to the WHOI visitor Center. After lunch (lunch on your own, and not included in field trip cost) the field trip continues with a behind-the-scenes tour of the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) animal holding facilities, and last but not least a tour of the NEFSC Woods Hole Aquarium and Facilities. Time: 8:30am. Depart From: The Park Plaza Hotel. Return: 5:00pm Cost: $35. Maximum of 14 participants.
The Before and After of Oyster Farming: Join a tour to New Bedford, MA to meet Myron Horzesky and visit the manufacturing facility of Ketcham Supply Co. to learn about the production of Flow N Grow oyster cages. After lunch in New Bedford (lunch on your own, and not included in field trip cost), the field trip will continue with a visit to Cape Cod Oyster Company in Barnstable, where (weather permitting) you can see Flow N Grows in action, and tour their state-of-the-art processing and packaging facility. Time: 9:30am. Depart: From the Park Plaza Hotel. Return: 5:00pm. Cost: $35. Maximum of 14 participants.
Behind the Scenes at the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life at the New England Aquarium: A Behind-the Scenes tour of the New England Aquarium and an introduction to the research of the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life. Field trip participants will meet at the Harborside Learning Lab (next to the Aquarium underneath the multistory car park adjacent to the main Aquarium building and IMAX theater. The doors face the waterfront at the end furthest from the IMAX, just past the dolphin statue). The Behind-the-Scenes tour will start with a short presentation by Dr Matt Thompson on aquaculture research at the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life and continue with a behind the scenes tour of the Aquarium. After the tour, attendees can enter the Aquarium and walk around on their own (the cost of admission to the aquarium is included). Meet: At the Harborside Learning Lab at the Aquarium at 10:30am. Cost: $45 (includes admission to the aquarium). Maximum of 16 participants.
Nutty about Marine Robotics? Take a tour of robotics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Spend the afternoon exploring Marine Robotics at MIT. Join MIT Sea Grant’s Rob Vincent for a tour of their in-house research including the work of the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Lab, and the Design Lab for naval architecture and systems. Follow this up with a tour of MIT’s Marine Robotics Group. Time 1pm. Meet: At 12 Emily Street, Cambridge, MA. Cost: $15. Maximum of 20 participants.
A Tour of the Gilbert Trout Hatchery: An exclusive tour of the 100 year old, family owned, Gilbert Trout Hatchery in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The Gilbert Trout Hatchery was founded in 1869, and owned by the Nickerson Family since 1912. The hatchery continues to raise beautiful brook, rainbow, and brown trout. Time: 1:00 pm Depart: From the Park Plaza Hotel. Return: 5:00pm Cost: $30. Maximum 14 participants.
Get to Know Red’s Best: Join Jared Auerbach for a tour of Red’s Best, a Boston-based seafood wholesaler that aggregates from small, community-based fishing boats. Their mission is to support the livelihoods of American fishermen while sustaining fisheries for harvest. Learn about Red’s Best’s history, mission, technology and supply chain, by touring their facility at the Boston Seafood Pier, and meeting Red’s Best fish/ocean experts, fishmongers, etc. Time: 8:30am. Meet: at 37 Boston Fish Pier, Boston. Cost $15. Maximum 14 participants.
A Tour of Shellfish Hatcheries: Spend the morning exploring the state of the art hatchery at the Aquaculture Research Corporation (ARC) in Dennis, MA. ARC has been successfully producing high quality shellfish since they were founded in 1960. ARC conduct a diverse portfolio of aquaculture research and innovation, as well as supporting the shellfish industry through advocacy and restoration, pioneering solutions to coastal challenges and educating current and future generations of shellfish growers. After a lunch stop in Dennis (lunch on your own, and not included in field trip cost), the tour will continue with a visit to Island Creek Oyster in Duxbury. Time: 9:15am Depart: From the Park Plaza Hotel. Return: 5:00pm Cost: $35. Maximum 14 participants.
A Taste of Aquaculture, North Shore Style: A tour of North Shore aquaculture with Dr Joe Butner. Stop 1: Visit the Cat Cove Marine Laboratory at Salem State University, the home of the Northeastern Massachusetts Aquaculture Center (NEMAC). Stop 2: Visit an 800 sq-ft aquaponics greenhouse, part of a North Shore Aquaponics Cooperative & Training Program. After lunch (lunch on your own, and not included in field trip cost) Stop 3. Visit a school-based aquaponics program at the O’Maley School in Gloucester. Time: 9:00am Depart: From the Park Plaza Hotel. Return: 4.00pm. Cost: $30. Maximum 14 participants.